Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have submitted your application online for an open position, it is sent to the appropriate recruiter for review. You will receive an immediate acknowledgement via email that the transmission of your application was successful. Once we review the candidates, you may receive an email or a telephone call from a recruiter to schedule a telephone interview. In subsequent interviews, you may meet with several other supervisors or managers before a hiring decision is made.
Many of our positions require licensure, certifications or specific experience.
Our system allows you to apply to as many positions as you would like. We suggest you carefully review the job qualifications and apply for the positions for which you are most qualified and interested.
Due to the large volume of applications we receive, it is not possible to communicate with every candidate immediately. You will hear from us either by phone or email.
When you have submitted your application for a specific position, a recruiter will review your qualifications and experience. We will continue with applicants via phone or email. You may contact the Career Center to follow up on the status of your application.
All positions listed on our website are still open positions as the site is updated daily. You can view your history of applying within your profile on the application site.
Our salaries are industry-competitive. The level of skill and years of experience required for the position determine the salaries. When applying, please indicate your salary requirements in the designated area. More information on the starting salary may be obtained at the time of an interview.
All information relevant to the position is in the job descriptions. If you have other questions, you will have an opportunity to obtain more information at the time of an interview.
A position is removed from our website when it is filled or when we have received a large number of responses and are no longer accepting applications. You should be notified via phone or email once the position for which you have applied has been filled.
No. You may create a profile or username/password in the system without applying to a specific position. However, your qualifications are not considered until you apply to a specific position.
  • Take the time to fully complete your application. This will enable us to quickly and efficiently match your experience to our needs.
  • Your application is a reflection of your attention to detail. Please be as accurate as possible, including all prior positions, phone numbers and salary history.
  • If you upload a resume, you can paste the resume into the application to speed your process.

Your interest in Phoebe Putney Health System as a potential employer is greatly appreciated. Good luck with your job search!